Using Surrender in Blackjack

When the cards are stacked against the player in a game of blackjack and there is little chance of beating the house, blackjack surrender can mean saving money and prolonging the player's bankroll. That is why it is important for players to know when it is best to soldier on and when it is best to use surrender in blackjack .

The Art of Surrender

Surrender in blackjack should be used carefully and sparingly. Many players are not even aware that the option of blackjack surrender exists, and as it requires a player to cease the game before any other decisions are made, many give up the option before they have a chance to use it. After the cards are dealt, players will see their two cards face-up and the dealer's one face-up card. Before he or she hits, stands, splits, or doubles down, he or she has the option to give the game up. If the odds are fully stacked against the hand, and it is unlikely the player will be able to beat the dealer's hand, then surrendering can enable the player to save half of his or wager.

When to Use It

Players should aim to surrender early in the hand since late blackjack surrenders will forfeit the player's full bet. Players should usually reserve surrenders for occasions when the dealer shows a ten, a face card, or an Ace; these are the only cards that can result in an instant blackjack and end the game immediately. Any other combination gives the player a fighting chance to beat the dealer's hand and come out on top.

Players can explore the best times to use surrender by playing at any casino that offers online casino slots. By playing online, players can save money and play at their own pace, mastering the delicate art of surrender.